Eating Disorders Recovery Support: It’s Not sELFish to Ask for Help

Elf Promotion

Elf Promotion

I am reluctant to use my blog for sELF-promotion.  Sure, I always include links to where to buy my book, it is an author’s obligation these days to market their books in any way possible.  But rarely do I use my contacts to ask for money.

But before you click off the page, I am NOT asking you for money…

I’m asking you to share information about the the upcoming EDRS conference.  I am now a board member, for Eating Disorders Recovery Support (EDRS) a non-profit organization that provides treatment scholarships to Californians with eating disorders, while promoting community awareness and professional education and collaboration. Being elected to sit on the board is a huge honor but it is a volunteer position (see my previous blog about how I am trying to learn to say, “no” and feel free to be my sponsor in Volunteeranon). But in the meantime I am working tirelessly to let people know about the EDRS conference in February in the Bay Area.  You see, this annual conference is where EDRS raises most of the money it uses to provide treatment to folks who desperately need help with Eating Disorders.  The myth is that only upper middle class white girls suffer from eating disorders with unlimited insurance and deep family pockets to cover the costs. But eating disorders knows no socio-economic boundaries and now impacts males and females at a younger and younger age; AND, often re-emerges in women who may have been in recovery for years, when they go through menopause. So the need is there and the money is needed!


Remember in my blog post about the Pros and Cons of Professional Conferences I wrote about reasons to attend or not attend conferences as either a speaker or participant?  Well this is one of those PROfessional CONferences where the PROs outweigh the CONs and I’m asking you to let any therapists, doctors, clinicians, nurses, expressive arts therapists, nutritionists, dieticians, HAES(R) professionals, family members, or anyone that may benefit by attending and who may not know that this conference is coming up, to REGISTER NOW. They will gain valuable knowledge, CEU’s, resources, contacts, and warm fuzzies knowing that just by attending, EDRS will be able to continue its vital work.  Seriously, without a successful conference this year, there is a good chance that EDRS will not be able to continue next year.  And that would be a huge loss.

If you are interested in volunteering to help or contribute in any other way CLICK HERE and explore their website.


The Intersection of Art and Science in Eating Disorders Treatment

Exceptional Opportunity for Northern California’s Mental Health Community

From the United Kingdom, Hawaii, and points in between, leaders in eating disorders treatment will share their expertise with professionals and families for three days in Santa Rosa. More than a million Californians struggle with eating disorders, according to conservative estimates.

The conference—The Intersection of Art & Science: Integrating Creative Methods into the Treatment of Eating Disorders—explores the recovery role of dance, movement, art, writing, yoga, visual arts, expressive arts, and other modalities.  There will be at least one session on Health at Every Size (r).  Hundreds of mental health providers and family members are expected to attend and learn effective ways to address eating disorders, among the most complex and misunderstood mental illnesses.

Top Speakers include:
Lucy Aphramor R.D. Ph.D. Pioneer of HAES® in the UK National Health Service
Ovidio Bermudez, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Eating Recovery Center in Denver
Carolyn Costin, MA, MEd, MFT, Founder of Monte Nido Treatment Center in Malibu
Anita Johnston, Ph.D., Director of the Anorexia & Bulimia Center of Hawaii
Ann Kearney-Cooke, PhD, director of the Cincinnati Psychotherapy Institute
Adrienne Ressler, LMSW, V.P., The Renfrew Center Foundation in Philadelphia

There will be more than 20 additional in-depth presentations—many by leading Bay Area eating disorders experts. (INCLUDING Dr. Deah!)  :-)   I added that, I didn’t make the flyer.)

This annual conference is the largest fundraiser for Eating Disorder Recovery Support, Inc.’s scholarship fund. The nonprofit EDRS provides treatment scholarships to Californians with eating disorders, while promoting community awareness and professional education and collaboration.

What: 9th Annual EDRS Conference. The Intersection of Art & Science: Integrating Creative Methods into the Treatment of Eating Disorders
When: February 5 – 7, 2015
Where: Hyatt Vineyard Creek Hotel and Spa, Santa Rosa, CA
Register at:

EDRS President Dr. Barbara Birsinger emphasizes the dual role of the Conference—education and fundraising: “We have increased our scholarship funds more than forty-fold since our first conference in 2005. Over the last few years, we’ve provided nearly 100 grants to help individual Californians get professional eating disorders treatment. For more information, contact Dr. Birsinger at


Til next time!

Dr. Deah Schwartz

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