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fat is an adjectiveWith 2014 here, I took the opportunity to sit quietly and reflect on 2013 and all that transpired to make the world a more fat-friendly place. I know it is easier to focus on the speed bumps along the Fat Acceptance road; and to a certain extent, that is important in order to keep the engines stoked for more activism. But if we don’t take a moment to accentuate the positive, then our despair over the preponderance of negatives can extinguish the flames of forward motion completely.

With that in mind, I sent a CFP (call for progress) email out to my list serves and dug into my “good news” files from the past year. As I sifted through the materials, one commonality began to emerge, an indisputable trend: in article after article, interview after interview, and book after book the word fat was used intentionally and without apology.

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