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From Diapers to Thongs: Discuss

I recently wrote an Op Ed piece for the E-Zine Persephone Magazine about Victoria’s Secret’s campaign, Pretty Young Things and its target audience being young teens.  If you would like to read this Click Here.  I am, as always, happy … Continue reading

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A Barrel of Monkeys

A Barrel of Monkeys. Photo is from the organization Change the Message Once a month I blog for the website Fierce Freethinking Fatties and here is my monthly post which has opportunities for activism in the Size Acceptance Community.  Did … Continue reading

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Why IS this Night Different? (A repost from Seders Past)

Passover is one of the many Jewish Holidays that is celebrated with a ritual feast. A feast filled with symbolic foods and a prescribed schedule for when to eat which foods.  Depending upon how observant the participants are, there is … Continue reading

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Dear Michelle, It’s Me Again

Michelle Obama has shifted from fat shaming language to weight neutral language in her battle against childhood obesity and the Eating Disorders Community is thrilled!  Read More and send the First Lady a letter of support! Warmly, Dr. Deah  … Continue reading

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The Circle Game

To read the latest Tasty Morsels Blog Click Here! Warmly, Dr. Deah

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