Time is a waisting…

I spent the weekend in Michigan due to a sudden death in my family. Honestly, there is nothing like an event like this to put things in perspective. Our bodies are so much more than circumference and pounds. They are literally vessels for our spirit and allow us to hold hug, support and love each other in THIS realm. I don’t typically blog about my spiritual beliefs and I won’t start now.  But one thing I know for certain, face to face, eye to eye, hug to hug contact disappears when someone dies.

Our bodies are miraculous.  They give us the capacity to touch…and only for such a relatively short time.  My brother-in-law was only 65.  And for the few troll-y folks out there who read my blog and constantly question my assertion that fat does not always=unhealthy, no…he was not fat, so you will have to get your data elsewhere.

He was someone whose body provided warmth and comfort to his wife and tickles to his grandchildren.  His hands were magical and his wood working projects will be around for years to come.  His arms hugged his family with a strength that was invincible and nurtured them without hesitation.

What does your body do?  What does your body allow you to provide for the loved ones in your life?  There is NOT enough time for us to waste it away hating ourselves for what our bodies look like. Really…think about it.

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4 Responses to Time is a waisting…

  1. Wow, you made me cry! Such a powerful message…

  2. kelly danforth says:

    Amen Sista Susie!!

  3. Heather says:

    Dear dr deah, it is only when you begin to lose the strength you once had, and you become sick, with various illnesses that you start to realise how precious your body really is. What will I do with my body today to show I appreciate it? Yes we should respect the body we were given, regardless of it’s size, or focusing on it’s lack of abilities in times of sickness, and thinking of what we can do to show we appreciate what we do have. I have to keep this in mind. Thanks for the reminder…

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