A Tasty Morsel of a Book

Tasty Morsels: by Dr. Deah Schwartz

Actually it’s more of a tasty Nosh of a book! 

Once in a while I will write a book review.  There is nothing in my long list of credentials that officially certifies or licenses me to review a book. Among my two masters degrees, a doctorate and a crap-load of various certifications there is nary a one that ordains me as Dr. Schwartz Book Reviewer.

But that is the joy of reading and the value of free speech.  Anyone with a computer can now write a book review and who am I to keep my fingers still and my mouth shut??  And I suppose as co-author of Leftovers, To Go, a book about body image and eating disorders I have some credibility…but perhaps my most salient credential is being an avid reader and someone who really can not keep her mouth shut or her fingers still!

So here is a quick shout out to Ellen Frankel and Pearlsong Press for serving such a luscious literary meal in Frankel’s book, Syd Arthur. (Yes say it five times fast and it really does sound like a Herman Hesse book that I won’t review, but I will say was a seminal read during my late teens!)

Ellen Frankel does a remarkable job transporting the reader into Syd Arthur’s world. The poignant, intelligent and neurotic world of a Jewish Mother, oppressed by body-weight-hate, looking for meaning in her life that is not measured by weight or inches lost, and grappling with real loss…her child off to college… Perhaps because Syd’s world is so familiar and mirrors my world so accurately I am not an “objective voice” to review this book; but as someone who found this book so accurate and realistic, perhaps I’m the perfect person to review this book.

Keep the tissues handy, there will be tears of joy and sadness… nachas and tsuris.  (Nosheri optional)


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